HARPS-AYHE has changed the perception of the capabilities of a harp ensemble, heightening awareness of the unlimited artistic potential and the ability to inspire, empower, and transform youth and those with the greatest need in a community. Founded by Artistic Director Lynnelle Ediger-Kordzaia 15 years ago, the American Youth Harp Ensemble (AYHE) is recognized as one of the finest and most innovative harp programs in the nation.

HARPS-AYHE provides unparalleled music education to more than 750 young harpists through year-round ensemble and outreach programs, and reaches over 300,000 annually through hundreds of performances, recordings, and broadcasts worldwide. Audiences around the world have enjoyed their musical artistry and imaginative programming.

Selected Articles

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Television Specials

"Enjoy a performance by talented members of the American Youth Harp Ensemble," WTVR , VA This Morning, Dec 28 2015

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Radio Interviews

"The American Youth Harp Ensemble Presents a 'Carnegie Hall Preview,'" WCVE, Mike Goldberg, 04/14/2016 - 4:15pm